Books Published

Books Published

By Dr. Binod C Agrawal, Former Director General

Media and Religious Communication in Multi Cultural Asia: An Eclectic Research Agenda. Bangkok: Asian Research Centre

Changing Cultures and Religious Practices in Asia. Bangkok: Asian Research Centre

Guest Editor, Communication Anthropology. Eastern Anthropologist Volume 62, No. 4.

Ed. Media for Health Planning, Programmes and Practice. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company.

Co-author Television and Cultural Crisis. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company (Co-author Mira K. Desai).

Television in South Asia Cultural Scenario and Future Directions. Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America.

Ethnography of Communication. Shillong: North-Eastern Hill University Publications (13th Verrier Elwin Endowment Lectures).

(Co-author) Remote Sensing Applications in Brackish Water Fisheries: A Socio- Economic Study. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company (Co-authors Arbind K. Sinha and Sham Behari Sharma)

Ed. Higher Education Through Television – The Indian Experience. New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company.

(Co-editor) International Satellite Broadcasting in South Asia Maryland: University Press of America. (Co-editors Srinivas R. Melkote and Peter Shields).

(Co-author) Computer Technology for Higher Education (Volumes 1-3), New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company. (Co-author along with other 11 authors)

Pedagogy of Computer Literacy: An Indian Experience, New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company. (Assisted by Madhvi Joshi).

(Co-author) Communication Revolution: A Study of Video Penetration in India, Ahmedabad: DECU, Indian Space Research Organization.

(Co-edited)Media Utilization for the Development of ‘Women and Children. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company. (Co-editor B S Thakur).

(Co-edited) Television and the Indian Child. New Delhi: UNICEF. (Co-editor Mira B. Aghi)

(Co-author) Situational Analysis of Children’s Television in India. Commissioned study by United Nation’s Children’s Fund, Ahmedabad: Development and Educational communication Unit. (Co-authors C Lal, Kiran S Karnik and K Vishwavanath).

(Co-edited). SITE to INSAT: Challenges of Production and Research for Women and Children. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Co. (Co-editor Arbind K Sinha)

(Co-author) Television in Kheda: A Social Evaluation of SITE. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company.(Co-author M R Malek)

(Co-edited) Communication Research for Development The ISRO Experience. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company. (Co-Editor S R Joshi and Arbind K Sinha)

(Co-edited) Reservation: Policy, Programme and Issues Jaipur: Rawat Publishers.

(Co-author) Yanadi Response to Change: An Attempt in Action Anthropology. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company. (Co-author N Sudhakar Rao and P C Gurrvi Reddi)

Anthropological Methods for Communication Research: Experiences and Encounters During SITE. New Delhi: Concept Publishing Company. (Ed. Assisted by S. Vishwanath)

Ed. Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Complex Societies. Lucknow: Ethnographic & Folk Culture Study.

SITE Social Evaluation Results, Experiences, and Implications. Ahmedabad: Space Applications Centre.

Cultural Contours of Religion and Economics in Hindu Universe. New Delhi: National Publishing House.

Television Comes to Village: An Evaluative Study of SITE. Bangalore: Indian Space Research Organization.

(Co-author) SITE Social Evaluation: Impact on Adults (Two Volumes), Bangalore: Indian Space Research Organisation. (Co-authors J K Doshi, Victor, Jesudasan, K K Verma)

(Co-editor) Tribe, Caste arid Peasantry. Lucknow: Ethnographic and Folk Culture Society.(Co-editor K.S. Mathur)

By Dr. Farida Ahmed, Assistant Professor

V.K. Dubey & Farida Ahmed (2014), “ICT: A 21st Century Agrarian Revolution for Rural Development”, Agrotech Publisher, ISBN: 978-81-8321-356-1, pp 256

V.K. Dubey & Farida Ahmed (2014), “Information & Knowledge Management: Tools and Techniques”, Agrotech Publisher, ISBN: 978-81-8321-354-7, pp 368.